How to cure prostatitis at home

the treatment of prostatitis

A disease, such as prostatitis is exclusively a problem for men. Develops prostatitis in the background of the defeat of the infection of the prostate gland. Some believe that this disease only develops in the of the mature men in the period of the changes of age. It is not so. The risk of the prostate increases with the start date of the active sex life. Prostatitis can be bacterial, non-bacterial, acute, chronic, asymptomatic. Each of the species treated in the early stages, with Success in the treatment of prostatitis in men in the household. How to do it yourself with the help of the media?

What is the prostate?

Prostatitis is called inflammation of the prostate. The reasons for such inflammation a lot. The main cause of the disease is infectious and the defeat of the breast. Cause the inflammation can be various bacteria: staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, klebsiella, individual, wand, Enterobacter. It is worth noting that the data of the microorganisms present in the ediacarense of each person. Only when conditions are favorable, it activates the reproduction, which is the pathology.

how to cure prostatitis

Also, in the development of prostatitis will influence the following factors:

  • Transient sexual life;
  • Overly active sex life;
  • The presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The sedentary lifestyle;
  • Bad habits;
  • A bad diet.

In particular, the sedentary life and the occasional sex cause stagnant processes in the organs of the pelvis. By the stagnation of the ejaculation and the blood develops inflammation. Also, the blood flow in the organs of the pelvis rotates and some of the chronic diseases: atherosclerosis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the thyroid, and the endocrine system.

Prostatitis is a serious enough problem. And postpone the treatment of the inflammation does not can be. Because in the background of chronic prostatitis often develops in the adenoma and cancer of prostate. In addition, the disease leads to impotence. Recognize the prostatitis is not difficult. So, if a man rises at night in the bathroom more than once, you have a reason to go to the doctor. Frequent urination, sensation of not-torn of the bladder, pain during urination all of this the main symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate.

Everything else, to symptoms di i is added to the decrease in sexual activity, the weakness of the lack of erection, premature ejaculation. Often, men with prostatitis complain of pain. The pain extends into the area of the scrotum, the testes, the lower part of the abdomen, the back, the back. Sometimes the pain occurs in the anus during defecation. The treatment of prostatitis, must occur immediately. The treatment of prostatitis remedies possible. But, in any case, even popular of the therapy requires the prior consultation of a qualified doctor.

At home treatment of prostatitis

How to cure prostatitis at home? From a very old be employed a great variety of plants, herbs for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system in men. These tools are very well suited for the prevention of prostatitis. The most ancient and proven way to the therapy of inflammation of the prostate in the home is the use of the seeds of the pumpkin. The use of this product is explained by the high level of zinc content. Zinc is very important for men of the body at any age. Actively participates in the production of testosterone, improves the circulation of blood in the organs of the pelvis. Therefore, pumpkin seeds can fight and save the prostate stagnation of the phenomena.

For the relief of the symptoms of the disease worth eating at 30 seed daily before each meal. That is the number of will help offset the daily dose zinc for men of the body. Very tasty and useful is a tool of pumpkin seeds. Thus, it is necessary to grind in the mill of 0.5 kg treated non-fried seeds. In this mass, add another a useful product for men of the body — honey. Simply paris with 200 g of honey, the tool is mixed, and is molded in the shape of small balls. Useful of these bulbs should be stored in the refrigerator and consume 1 ball two times a day, one half hour before the meal.

Aspen bark

For the treatment of prostatitis in men at home, apply and the bark of poplar. Prepare a remedy effective against prostatitis of the crust is possible only in the spring. The fact that using wasp the cortex is necessary only when unleashed the first shoots and leaves in it. So, it is worth to collect the bark of a thickness of not more than 5 mm, dry in the oven. After complete drying, 100 g of Syr grind it, and pour 200 ml of vodka. The tool insists in the course of 2 weeks in a cool and dark place. Hereinafter, the tincture is filtered, and is used by 20 drops three times a day. You can dilute the dose in 50 g of water. The popular, the treatment is of 2 to 3 months.

The leaves and the bark on hazel

The data of the ingredients to brew separately. The bark of the plant is cooked two times longer than the leaves. 1 tablespoon of leaves requires 1 cup of water. Two of the cooking time, mix, cover, and infuse for half an hour. The tool filtered, sets of 80-100 g 4 times a day. To prepare this tool is best to use the young leaves and the bark. Also, the populist claim that the same raw material can be done several times. Men who have experienced a drug in and of itself, they claim that the symptoms of prostatitis disappear already through 1-1,5 weeks of receipt.


As popular and traditional medicine has been shown to be only fresh pressed juices to contribute to the elimination of the urea, the uric acid from your body. And this can reduce inflammation, improve the condition of the patient. Is the uric acid, absorbed in the muscles of the pelvic floor, and causes a variety of diseases of the prostate. Therefore, they recommend that during the day, drink up to 0.5 l of fruit juice. Of special utility are the juices:

  • Cucumber;
  • Asparagus;
  • The beet;
  • Carrots.

For men, the use of the body is different and the pear compote. For the treatment of prostatitis is best to consume the product without sugar. But, ripe pear and has a sweet pleasant taste. Effective for prostatitis in men is the juice of the berry of the elderberry.Also, the doctor may advise you to drink every morning after waking from a glass of distilled water. And after 10 minutes of this is taken between the glass of juice of elderberry. The therapy course has a minimum duration of 2 weeks. What is the tool used for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

To improve the state of the prostate to apply the juice of parsley. It is rich in vitamins A and C. Consuming a teaspoon of the juice of parsley is necessary for 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals. Also, you can prepare a simple decoctions of the seeds of this vegetable. The seeds are ground into a fine powder. 4 tablespoons of powder is poured a glass of water. The tool should be boiled to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Consume the drink on 1 table spoon up to 6 times in the day.


For the treatment of prostatitis in men, you can use different healing herbs. It is very important to comply with all the proportions. Since many herbs are poisonous, and if you exceed the dose may lead to poisoning. The therapy of inflammation of the prostate is performed through the greater celandine and Hemlock. The preparation of the tool occurs, therefore:

  • Mix 0,5 tbsp of Hemlock and the celandine;
  • Pour 150 g of vodka;
  • Place in a dark place;
  • Insist on the deadline of 10 days;
  • Strain the liquid.

Use the tincture in the morning on an empty stomach. Only 2 drops of the tool are dissolved in a glass of water or milk. Each day the number of drops increases by one. So lasts until the thirtieth day. After this begins the account is a player, the number of drops decreases. A good demonstration decoction of burdock root.

the grass in the treatment of prostatitis

Often for the treatment of prostatitis apply Fox of birch and horsetail. 70 g of the mixture, are filled with 0,5 l of boiled water, and boil 10 minutes. It is important to emphasize that the tool for hours, for all the beneficial properties of the plants opened wide. The strain of cooking, is taken throughout the day. Some men say that in the fight against prostatitis has helped them to the tincture of the leaves of the simple Kalanchoe.

It requires 1 cup of leaves, add 0.5 l of vodka. The tool insists 5 days. Drink recommend 1 tablespoon of tea per day. As soon as the well-being of the patient improve, it is worth to consume 1 teaspoon of the tools to the week. In general, herbal medicine is considered to be the most effective. After all, many process drugs for prostatitis are manufactured on the basis of herbs and plants.

Other methods of treatment of prostatitis in the home

Many believe that the treatment of the disease in the home is the use exclusively of herbs, infusions. In the treatment of inflammation of the prostate is important to a comprehensive approach. And some spirits, often, very little. Also, you should not rely solely on traditional medicine. The maximum effect is achieved only in combination with traditional and folk medicine. And only the doctor can advise the proper herbal medicine. In the treatment of prostatitis simple medicines is not enough. It is worth to change your diet, begin to take an active life style.


To begin with, you must learn the basic exercises that will help of inflammation, stasis, improve the blood flow in the organs of the pelvis. To improve the state of the prostate can regular walks, you walk. As soon as the body gets used to such pressures, the walk can be replace to run. The house can be perform this exercise:

  • The man takes a standing position;
  • Of the hand along the body;
  • Alternatively, they are elevations of the knee.
  • When you lift the knee, it is important to maximize against his belly.

High effectiveness in the treatment of the "male" diseases have all known exercises of the "bike" and "berezka". The elevations of the pelvis simply will not give you the opportunity of forming stagnation of the blood. There is the possibility to attend gyms, swimming-pool. But, it is not worth xlsm yes daily weights and exercises. Enough parisian with a workout in the exercise room 3-4 times a week. And here is the main of the gym, it is worth to perform every day.


Very often, in a complex with various medicated drugs, herbs, suppositories prescribed by doctors and a course of massage in against prostatitis. Important to remember that the acute form of prostatitis is a contraindication to the help of special massages. Also, among the contraindications to the celebration of the handling worth to highlight the cracks of the colon, hemorrhoids, constipation. In all other cases, a massage will bring benefits. The massage can occur both in the home and in the hospital. You can ask the doctor about the technology of the celebration. These procedures are required to extract the stagnation of seminal fluid. Therefore, during the procedure, the urethra to devote a few drops of secret.

Add-ins procedures

A hot bath with chamomile allow you to resolve feelings of pain, relieving the spasm. Also, the plant has a sedative effect on the nervous system, which is very important in this serious disease, such as prostatitis. After 10-15 minutes in a warm chamomile bath, it is necessary to change in the shower. The water jet should be directed at the area of the scrotum, the testicles, the prostate. To the east, alternating hot water with cold. This contrast of hot tub will have a favorable impact on the enlarged prostate.

The products of the beekeeping

Since ancient times, honey and propolis were considered as the panacea of any type of disease. And prostatitis is no exception. For the treatment of the disease, it is necessary that on a daily basis to eat a spoonful of honey in the morning before breakfast. With time, it will arrange the work of all the urinary system, resolve inflammation, are back to full power. Has the use and pollen. The recommend to eat three times a day before meals a teaspoon.

Good can be called the spirit tinctures from propolis. Simply paris with 35 drops of tincture diluted in 100 ml of the appropriate boiled water. Take the tool three times a day half an hour before eating. What is the home treatment is a course of 45 days. Often, the doctors prescribe the use of suppositories containing propolis. Are manufactured to order, and have a high efficiency. The sails of propolis have a lot of positive feedback from men who underwent the prostatitis. In general, to cure prostatitis at home is very real. In particular, if all the options are approved by the attending physician.