The treatment of prostatitis in the home

Different tools for each person can be effective, and not to give use. But specialists agree that the treatment of the prostatitis remedies that can be very productive. In addition, the initiation of the therapy is included in the comprehensive approach in the solution of problems with the prostate gland. The recovery of the health of the men contribute recipes proven.

What is prostatitis

The prostate gland is an important organ of men, the size and shape that is reminiscent of the nut of the chestnut. Thanks to its activity, it produces a fluid that gives the sperm chance to eat and move around, to meet their goal – the egg. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, is called to several factors. In most cases, the cause of the development of this disease are the infections.

We distinguish several types of prostatitis, some are infectious in nature, others are caused by the activity of the bacteria. In any case, the treatment is carried out by treatment with antibiotics, and home remedies are an indispensable complement of the main therapy.

At home treatment will be more effective if it is combined with the classic therapy assigned to your doctor.

The treatment remedies

The treatment of animals media acute and chronic prostatitis is possible. The most popular of the recipes and recommendations in this regard include the physical activity and the use of useful to the masculine strength of the products.

  1. Exercise a physical

  2. When the treatment of prostatitis important is the systematic execution of physical exercises. Sports play an important role in the path to recovery, along with a good diet and other beauty treatments. The use of an exercise to obey its influence on the blood circulation of the whole body, especially in the pelvic area. Medicinal the most important classes you will benefit from:

    • Reinforce the walls of the vessels;
    • Improve the functioning of the nervous system;
    • Decrease the intensity of the inflammation;
    • Increase the tone of the body.

    Set of exercises for the prevention of prostatitis

    For a better result, have developed complexes of exercises with the description. The enormous favor of bringing protozoa class a: jogging, exercise, ironing, walking, and squats.

    It is important to make a structure constant and regular. The most effective exercises to resolve the stagnation in the pelvic area, which is easy to perform at home, the following:

    1. The gymnastics of breath. The deep breathing so that your stomach has gone forward, then exhale with force, the abdomen is retracted. 5-10 repetitions in the positions of standing, sitting and lying down.
    2. The retraction of the colon, to remain in this state for 10 seconds. Is performed up to 20 times.
    3. Jumps. Only the training to perform close to 100 jumps, until you do not feel the tiredness in the legs.
    4. Standing on one leg, the other to lift up and shake with it in different parts. Then change of leg, each carrying not less than 50 Mach.
    5. A great way to get rid of prostate problems – straight thread. The legs push to a side, while you feel the tension, but the hype is not worth it.
    6. Sitting on the floor, with legs extended, move forward is a player in the buttocks. Do 50 of those steps.
    7. Do not less than 100 laps on the side of ip standing, feet shoulder-width apart, and the slopes of side, to is a player and forward.
    8. Being in the belly, put a small ball, and take your stomach no less than 5 minutes, it is an excellent massage for the internal organs.
    9. Sitting on the floor with the legs stretched out, make a walk to pull up the socks. If it works, they keep the tips of the hands, staying in 3-4 sec. Repeat 20 times.

    These simple exercises are applied for the prevention of prostatitis.

  3. The pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis

  4. The most popular product for the treatment of prostatitis remedies is pumpkin. About the amazing properties of the seeds are the legends, which in ancient times were used for the treatment of diseases male. All the matter in his singular composition, in the list of the virtues of the seeds of the pumpkin includes the solution of problems of prostate.

    The pumpkin seeds when the prostatitis

    In comparison with other healthy products (for example, the source of zinc can be oysters), seeds are available for all. Just in paris with the appearance of the first symptoms of prostatitis eat 30 seeds per day. Useful are for the treatment of the implementation of the chronic prostatitis. Used in the prevention of diseases of the prostate.

    The seeds of pumpkin is not the only tool of prostatitis can be cured with the help of the honey balls or pumpkin oil.

    Sweet candy is prepared easily at home, kg of seeds skip on the grinder and mix with a glass of honey. From the mass form small balls of the size of a walnut, which are stored in the refrigerator. Before eating once a day is eaten by 1-2 tales of balls, it is necessary to chew well. Important: the seeds must be fresh, clean skin.

    Pumpkin oil is obtained by cold pressing. He must take three times a day by 1 tea spoon or added to salads. For the heat treatment is not adequate, the high temperatures kill most of useful substances. With the help of pumpkin oil you can do microclysters, compresses with cotton swabs tampons, the course is 10 procedures. For the necessary treatment of 0.5 l.

  5. Mummio and prostatitis

  6. When considering how to cure your prostatitis, you can't leave aside is the only tool, as mummio.

    Mummio used in the following recipes:

    1. With the juice of the carrot. This tool helps to resolve the main symptoms of inflammation in a relatively short period of time, for the comments, in the first ten days of treatment, you should drink two times a day, half an hour after meals a glass of freshly-squeezed juice with dissolved in her compositions – in 200 ml of liquid 0.2 g mummio. Later, in the period of 20 days the amount of mummio increases to half in a glass of juice, 0.4 g of tools.
    2. Take the tool, with the juice of sea buckthorn. Prepares composition similar to the carrot juice. Take the drug before bedtime and before each meal throughout the day by half an hour. In a glass of juice is dissolved 0.3 g of mummio.
    3. Of honey, the yolk of the mixture is prepared with 1 egg yolk, 0.2 g of mummio, a spoonful of liquid natural honey and a couple drops of sea buckthorn oil. Each time you must do the composition again, it is not stored. It is used on an empty stomach 3 times a day and before bedtime.
  7. The garlic against prostatitis

  8. This filling, aromatic seasoning is used in the treatment of many diseases, contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, reduces the development of tumors, occupies an important place the garlic in the treatment and the maintenance of male potency. You should always add in the diet for the prevention of prostatitis enough at lunch to eat 2-3 cloves of hot dish. If confused about the garlic smell, easy to neutralize lemon.

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    For treatment are used the following compositions:

    1. 4 large cloves of crushed garlic and scald 3 cups of boiling water. Leave the mixture all night. From the morning with an empty stomach should drink a glass of a similar procedure is carried out in the evening, before bedtime. Make infusions in the period of one month.
    2. Useful of the milk with the garlic, the broth is prepared the cup of hot liquid and a tablespoon minced and spices, you must boil the composition for a minute, after insisting a little, strain and drink during the day before the meal 2 tbsp.
    3. The tincture of alcohol perfectly relieves inflammation. It is prepared of 400 g of fresh product and 0.5 liter of alcohol, insist in the mixture should be in the dark place. Take 20 drops each day in the morning and at night.
    4. Vitamins composition of 0.5 l of honey, lemon and garlic in equal proportions, grind it in the mill and mix. Then, he insists on the 7-day period. Use the dough needs three times a day before meals, 2 or 3 teaspoon of tea.
    5. For the destruction of germs and bacteria, you use the garlic juice. Your take of 20 big teeth, and mixed with sugar, 20 teaspoons. For the dissolution of the mixture is poured into water and heated, it is necessary to bring to a boil. After the infusion should strain and use 4 times a day by spoon.

    In the opinion of the experts, the role of garlic in the treatment of prostatitis shown, but is not so simple. Its properties allow you to relieve inflammation, improve blood circulation. But if the disease is caused by a stone garlic use will not be.

  9. The products of beekeeping and balms

  10. Honey is considered one of the most powerful means against the prostatitis, can be used in its pure form, or to make of it a sail. Is used for the treatment and pollen, use it on an empty stomach one tablespoon three times a day. In addition to anti-inflammatory action has effects on the body, sating with their nutrients.

    Effective for the treatment of bee Pomerania, is filled with 0,5 l of cold water. The mixture is heated and in a quiet area of fire boiled for 2 hours. The decoction to drink a tablespoon three times a day, and you can combine the consumption of honey. It stores the received tool in the refrigerator.

    Antibacterial properties that it has, and the propolis. At its base is the tincture of alcohol, 40 drops that dissolve in 0,5 glasses of water. Drink before the meal, the duration of treatment is 45 days.

    With propolis you can prepare the candles, this is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. 40 g of propolis was dissolved in a glass of pure alcohol and evaporated to obtain the extract. Then, 0.1 g of tools mixed with 2 g of cocoa oil, this composition slides down the sail, must be inserted in the rectum before bedtime. The course is 30 days, repeat after 4-6 weeks of rest.

    The honey and rye flour are prepared rectal candles, 3 tablespoons of the mix with the honey and the egg, forming a mass. The candles are formed to a thickness of 1 cm, inserted them in the morning and in the evening, after emptying the bowel. The course is of 1 month, repeated through the week if needed.

    On the basis of products of beekeeping, and of the inhabitants of the altai mummio published a series of balms.

  11. Badi for the prevention of prostatitis

Among the biologically active additives, one can distinguish two main types:

  1. Berry extract saw palmetto
  2. The berries of the saw palmetto guarantee the normal functioning of the prostate gland, and also:

    • has a positive effect on the prostate;
    • a favorable action on the urinary system.
    • the prevention and the treatment of the impotence;
    • exerts a favorable action on the urinary system.
  3. Other herbal supplements extract from the berries of the saw palmetto, with a content of necessary supplies for the man of micronutrients

On the cause of the prostatitis

Before addressing the question of how to cure the disease of the prostate, it is necessary to understand the causes of its appearance. If the cause of the development of the disease of steel is not an infection, is the main factor for its emergence becomes the stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.

This phenomenon cause:

  • Bad habits;
  • The hormonal changes;
  • Sitting life-style;
  • The small physical activity;
  • Permanent stress;
  • Low immunity.
  • Hypothermia.

An infection of the nature of the disease is characterized by the impact on the prostate of the infection of the bladder, the rectum and the circulatory or the lymphatic system.

Changing the life style

Given that the main causes of development of prostate diseases, is malnutrition and habits, the first step on the road to a healthier life – change life-style. The appearance of the first symptoms of prostatitis and after the treatment, you must follow certain rules in the field of nutrition. Since it is often assigned special diet, which includes the following principles.

The renunciation of foods with a high extract, this spirits with ethyl alcohol in the composition, sharp and salty, smoked and canned products, sausages, pickles, relishes and pickles, soft drinks, fast food and snacks, production of sauces. These products irritate mucous membranes, are poorly digested and give rise to an accumulation in the body fluids and salts. This causes the appearance of edema, constipation and stagnation of the urine, which complicates the treatment of prostatitis.

The diet should include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Is of fresh vegetables and fruit, in the possible, not exposing its heat treatment that destroys useful of the chemical elements and reduces its nutritional value. It is important to ensure the entrance into the body Of vitamin c, which is found in large quantities in the berries, rose hips, citrus fruits, gooseberries, black currants.

In the menu should be the food with fat-soluble vitamins A and E, which are rich in vegetable oils and fish, vitamins of group b, expressed its content in cereals, the bread of whole wheat flour. When the inflammatory processes body needs iron and zinc, which are directly involved in the organization of the work of the genital organs. They are rich in animal meat, nuts, seafood and celery.

It should be recalled that the decision at the time of an exacerbation of the prostatitis – stop smoking. It's worth understanding, because nicotine acts upon the body, which contributes to the loss of production of the male hormone, testosterone affects the work of the prostate, reduces venous reflux in the pelvic organs. This leads to the development of diseases, including and prostatitis. In scientific studies it has been shown that smoking increases the risk of development of diseases in men after the age of 35 years.

To live in fullness with the prostatitis is possible, this is not a sentence. It is important to lead a healthy and active life, and to give up bad habits and limit the effects of stress. And proper prevention can significantly reduce the risk of the occurrence of the disease.