The main symptoms of prostatitis

Approximately one out of every two men over the age of 50 years do not know of odes, what is prostatitis. This disease is an inflammatory process that occurs in the tissues of the prostate. As a result, an error occurs in the functioning of the urinary system. The symptoms of prostatitis in men very specific. To avoid complications, people over the age of 35 years is recommended periodically to undergo a medical examination, that provides the opportunity to detect the disease at an early stage.

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The cause of the disease

On the basis of the development of prostatitis is the infection. The inflammation of the prostate can cause, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and other microorganisms, which are always present in the human body. However, until the immune system works without problems, do not represent a danger. But once that occurs the decrease of the body's defenses, his number starts strong rise, which leads to the development of inflammation. However, it is not worth to collide with panic all solvable.

The main reasons for the development of prostatitis in men

Cause the development of diseases can be and other factors:

  1. Urinary infection, including those that are transmitted by sexual intercourse trichomoniasis, etc). This has been attributed to the prostate gland communicates with the other organs of the urinary system.
  2. The stagnation of the blood. In men, the life-style that you can call sedentary, in the pelvic area may occur stalled processes, that is the factor that causes the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. Later on, it can penetrate into the prostate of the men and cause their inflammation.
  3. Frequent constipation. The prostate is about very close to the intestine. If you have stalled the process, so alters the permeability of the vessels and the overall blood circulation. In constipation, the masses fecal time are found in the rectum, therefore, all the budgets of the toxins and decomposition products can enter the blood. This causes often the inflammatory process.
  4. The stagnation of seminal fluid. The lack of sex can lead to stagnation of the blood in the pelvic area. This leads to the death of the sperm and the chronic inflammatory process.
  5. The presence of the men of all chronic diseases, since even the dental caries is able to cause inflammation in the prostate.

The varieties of prostatitis

The inflammation of the prostate is accepted to divide into 4 categories:

  • Acute.
  • Chronic.
  • Asimptomaticheskiy chronic.
  • Chronic prostatitis is bacterial in origin.

Acute eyesight is diagnosed is quite rare and is associated with a bacterial infection, which is always different from the heavy current. The patient will be in severe pain, it raises the temperature of the body, it produces general weakness of the body. The visual inspection of the sample size increase of the prostate. This type of disease requires urgent treatment as it can cause various complications.

Chronic disease is associated with persistent pain, who cares about the person for more than 3 consecutive months. The analysis of urine, in this case will show the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Asimptomaticheskiy type of prostatitis is virtually no characteristics of the signs and symptoms. Detect it at the time of regular medical check-ups or treatment to your physician about the other disease.

Prostatitis chronic bacterial nature is most often associated with the active development of the escherichia coli. This may contribute to the reduction of the forces protective of the agency, the operations of the organs of the pelvis, the availability of the source of the infection. This type of disease is characterized by a slow current, and its symptoms are similar to those of the manifestation of the acute form of the inflammation.

The common symptoms of the disease

The first symptoms of prostatitis in men may be the following:

  1. Decreased libido can be called the first symptom that indicates the presence of inflammation in the prostate. Erection healthy men should occur each morning. Prostatitis can manifest itself in the fact that she is going to occur irregularly shaped or non-existent. When this man can see the penis is not able to be firm enough for him to have sex. The semen becomes liquid and cloudy.
  2. The need to urinate at night. A healthy man does not wake up at night to go to the bathroom. The sick may disturb the feeling of incomplete evacuation. It is as well as can be the disease at an early stage.
  3. The sensations of pain, faced by approximately half of all patients with prostatitis. Have the pain of the nature, and focuses on the area of the pelvis. The pain may occur while urinating or ejaculating. Any unpleasant sensations that occur in the man, in this area, are the reason for the visit to the doctor.

These are only the first symptoms of prostatitis, which are characteristic of each type of disease.

The other symptoms are:

  • Discomfort when having a bowel movement.
  • Burning sensation in the area of the crotch and the urethra.
  • Fatigue fast.
  • Psychological oppression are the hallmarks and depressive state.
  • In the urine, you can see the mucous membranes of the thread.

These symptoms are secondary and depend on the type and degree of prostatitis, which may have changing clinical.

Symptoms of acute prostatitis

Acute inflammation of the prostate has no specific symptoms of poisoning:

  1. High temperature.
  2. The feeling of chills.
  3. Headache and joint pain.
  4. The lack of appetite.
  5. The sleep disturbance.
  6. Increased sweating.
  7. Fever.

The development of acute inflammation can lead to viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These pathogens may be present in each body. When the correct functioning of the immune system, all stimulants suppress the immunity. But in the cases in which this protection is reduced, the infection begins to develop, which eventually leads to inflammation.

Hazard acute type of the illness often consists of the development of infertility, impotence and can with time become chronic, prostatitis, lead to inflammation of the testicles, and abscess of the prostate.

Any prostatitis in men can cause the formation of a benign tumor (adenoma) and a malignant tumor of the prostate gland (carcinomas). Therefore, it is important to realize yes, at least one of prostatitis symptoms, seek medical help.

symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

More information about the severe form of the disease, speaking doctor of higher category, the urologist-andrologist alexei Kornienko:

How to determine prostatitis known to every urologist. To do this, it will perform a rectal exam, be mailed to the patient on the ultrasound, computer or magnetic resonance images and will take a blood test and urine.

To establish a diagnosis, the doctor will be sufficient rectal inspection. Analysis and other studies are necessary to determine that the outbreak of the prostate in man. Subsequently, this will help you decide how to treat the inflammation of the prostate of the patient. Each disease type requires a certain therapy. For example, in the case of an acute process, are prohibited some physical therapy.

The symptoms of bacterial prostatitis

The cause of the development of this type of inflammation of the prostate, are bacteria. The symptoms of the disease in this case, will be identical to those of the man seen in the case of acute prostatitis. This is because the view of the inflammation, it is often the cause of the transition of the disease in the chronic form, which has periods of exacerbation.

The treatment in this case should have a comprehensive nature. This will consist in the designation of anti-bacterial drugs and anti-inflammatory, prostate massage, physiotherapy and the application of the techniques of folk medicine.

In connection with the fact that in the background of any infection (sore throat, sinusitis, bronchitis, osteomyelitis, etc), it is possible the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate, the patient, after the recovery recommended to visit a urologist and spend of what is essential to detection, which allows to detect the disease at an early stage.

When the prostatitis, which was caused by bacteria, the main treatment is the purpose of the antibiotic therapy. This treatment offers the possibility not only to get rid quickly of the pathogen, but also to prevent the development of complications. When this is the most important is still to have recourse to a doctor, because it is neglect to their health, it is the main cause of the development of the chronic disease.

It is very important to continue the treatment, even after symptoms have gone of the inflammation of the prostate. Because in 90% of cases of chronic prostatitis, the cause lies in the undertreated disease.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis

Chronic or as it is called nonbacterial prostatitis is not related to the bacteria. Its main causes are stagnant processes in the pelvis (the stagnation of the blood, seminal fluid) or deficit in the body of men zinc. This important for the health of the men item, normalizes production of sex hormones, improving sexual potency and reproductive function, protects from diseases of the prostate.

In addition to the common symptoms of prostatitis, the nonbacterial forms are present plaintive laments of pain in the lower abdomen, the groin or crotch. Often, these sensations are applied on the back and the coccyx. The pain can bother the patient for a long time.

The therapy assigned to a primary care physician, will consist in the use of anti-inflammatory and hormonal means, the alpha-blockers and herbal remedies. In addition, it assigns the massage of the prostate and of the different physiotherapy procedures.

The symptoms of the symptoms of prostatitis

In man the symptoms of prostatitis in this case do not exist. Therefore, it is diagnosed usually in the stages eugen end, d, when the disease has led to the increase of size of the authority and on an increase of the violation of urination. To determine help clinical and bacteriological urine test, where the doctor can see a large number of leukocytes and the presence of bacteria. In connection with the fact that this type of disease for any way does not manifest itself, which often leads to the appearance of a chronic form.

To know how it manifests itself prostatitis in the initial stages, the man is important to pay attention in the night the urge to urinate, and in violation of morning erection.

The treatment of chronic prostatitis

In this case, the scheme of treatment will largely depend on the stage of the disease. If there is a worsening, the treatment would be similar to that prescribed in the case of bacterial prostatitis.

For the remission is characterized by their symptoms:

  • Regular, but short-term pain, often pulling the nature.
  • Disorders of urination (pain,the frequent urge, etc).
  • The development of depression, rape, mental and emotional state.

There is a consensus on the treatment of the chronic phase of prostatitis not. Therefore, the physician will be oriented to the symptoms and prescribe medications to help normalize the patient's situation.

In the question about treatment is the doctor of medical sciences boris vladimir viktorovich:

Example of scheme of treatment of chronic prostatitis:

  1. The allocation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. The use of medications that provide the reflux of the blood and of the lymph from the inflammation of the area.
  3. Receipt of immune modulators that contribute to the closing of the swelling, reduce the likelihood of blood clots, improves circulation.
  4. Sedatives, and antidepressants help to deal with sexual dysfunction.
  5. To improve the circulation and strengthen the pelvic muscles, the patient is shown the therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy (electrophoresis, uhf, microwave, hyperthermia, etc).

The prevention of prostatitis

To avoid the worsening of the disease, men struggling with the diagnosis of prostatitis, must be engaged in prevention. The main measures of prevention are:

  • The waiver of the bad habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption). If you stop drinking alcohol is not possible, then at least to limit their number. It allows you to drink no more than 1 cup of quality red wine a day. If to speak about the habit of smoking, this addiction leads to alteration of the circulation of the blood due to a temporary spazmirovannah of the vessels. Therefore, the prostate may experience hypoxia or to receive needed nutrients. Also, smokers often increases the pressure, which can also cause the inflammation of the prostate.
  • They should lead an active lifestyle.
  • To exclude the possibility of stress. To do this, you can do autogenous training, consult with a psychologist. No less important to alternate work and rest. The weekend passed actively with the family or friends. It is an excellent prevention of depression.
  • Avoid hypothermia, and the time to cure any colds.
  • It is important to note that excessive exercise can be no less dangerous than physical inactivity.

For the overall strengthening of the male body, it is necessary to:

  1. Every day to perform the exercises of the morning. This can be easy, run, or just light exercises. Particularly relevant is the rule for those who have a job that involves sitting all day in the same position (office work).
  2. Improve the quality helps the contrast shower. This procedure affects the entire body, and in the prostate, in particular.
  3. Useful is the visit to the home of bathrooms. But it is important to remember that after you leave the bathroom to steam, you can not pour cold water.
  4. It is necessary to enrich the diet of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey, green. However, it is necessary to limit or permanently pickled dishes and sauces.
  5. It is important to establish an active sexual life, avoid sexual intercourse without protection or delay ejaculation.

To prevent the development of prostatitis, and complications, all men over the age of 35 years should be subject to a medical examination, and in the event that any of the symptoms of the disease seek medical attention.