The symptoms of prostatitis in men. The treatment and prevention.

Prostatitis in men has different symptoms, all depends on the way of evolution of the disease. The inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate occurs for several reasons. The blame can be viruses, bacteria and even chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis and pyelonephritis.

prostatitis in men

Some forms of the disease is rare, other addictions. There is the general call, the symptoms, but knowing the classification is not so simple.

What is the prostate?

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease that occurs for various reasons. The inflammatory process affects the tissue of the prostate, is characterized by unpleasant sintomatologa, and may be the result of tuberculosis, alcoholism, or obesity.

Types of prostatitis known doctors:

  1. Acute bacterial – this type of disease are rare and are characterized by an acute, a lot of the sintomatologa. Requires hospitalization, under the supervision of a specialist, which can be the cause of sepsis or septic shock.
  2. Chronic bacterial – illness often happens without a lot of symptoms, but in some cases observed some signs of the acute type of prostatitis.
  3. Chronic (non-bacterial) — develops on the background of infectious diseases or occurs as a consequence of inflammatory processes that develop in the body over a prolonged period of time. All of the factors that contributed to the development of the inflammatory process, doctors to install and failed.
  4. Asymptomatic (asimptomaticheskiy) — can appear as the underlying disease, develops quickly, but specific sintomatologa does not have. The signs of this inflammatory process expressed weakly. In some cases, the disease requires no treatment and disappears by itself after you fix the root cause.
  5. Chronic granulomatous inflammation – occurs in the background of the replacement of the tissues of the prostate-injuries of hemorrhoids; fibrous tissue with granules in their interior. Granules may be foci of necrosis. The disease develops as a complication that occurs after pelvic surgery or as a result of the infection process, flowing in the tissues.

Classification in detail

The form of the prostatitis may have and a little of another classification, depending on the type of excitation, which led to the development of inflammation:

Bacterial type of the disease. The pathogens are escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococci, and staphylococci. The bacteria enter the tissue of the prostate to the lymph and the blood stream.

the diagnosis of prostatitis
  1. Blenorrgico type of the disease. The Causative Agents of gonorrhea. The infection occurs when a sexual contact.
  2. Hepatitis type of disease. Appears thanks to the fact that the herpes Virus, cytomegalovirus, and human papilloma virus. The main danger of the disease lies in the fact that the cells of the virus will be actively multiplying, and can hit the nearby cells of organs.
  3. Tubercular type the disease. The causative agents — the wand of koch. This type of infection is dangerous because it is difficult to treat, occurs as a concomitant of the active disease, the main stream of the tb.
  4. Fungi type of disease. The causing organisms are fungi of the species candida. Develops in the treatment with antibiotics or after sexual intercourse without protection with a woman who has a yeast infection.
  5. Mixed type of the disease. Appears as a result of infection of at least two of these diseases. It is extremely rare.

The woman can infect humans of different bacteria. The infection occurs in the period checked out of the palestinian authority. In addition, pregnancy of the partner increases the risk of infection in this period, that of the woman in the background of weakening of immunity often develops a yeast infection, and she, in turn, becomes the cause of development of fungal prostatitis.

The signs and symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland in men

The first sign of prostatitis is the pain that occurs in the period of urination and is growing nature, increases as the crushing of the ureteral.

The main symptoms of prostatitis:

  • the problems in the intimate sphere;
  • the selection of the urethra (in rare cases, it all depends on the type of disease);
  • the pain when urinating;
  • the frequent urge;
  • the increase of the temperature of the body, the most common symptoms of the poisoning.

The symptoms of prostatitis in men are acquisition of the nature. Is strengthened little by little the swelling of the prostate tissue. It increases in volume, as it increases, it grows the pain and the symptoms becomes more intense.

Symptoms of acute prostatitis and chronic

Then, how to represent the acute prostatitis of the form of the current, the description of the symptoms:

  1. The increase in body temperature up to 38 degrees or more.
  2. The appearance of the secretions of the urethra.
  3. The growing pain in the groin area.
  4. Frequent and painful need to urinate.
  5. Problems with the erection.

Often, the symptoms occur spontaneously, is intensified and may be accompanied by deterioration of the general condition of the patient: decreased appetite, general weakness, malaise and apathy.

the symptoms of the

What are the characteristic signs of a chronic evolution of the disease:

  • discomfort during erection;
  • recurring pain in the groin area, the abdomen, the eggs or even the crotch;
  • the difficulties encountered during urination.

In the chronic form of the current symptoms of prostatitis in men are expressed weakly, which occur periodically. Bother the man at the time. But in unfavorable conditions, the symptoms become more pronounced, problems occur with erection and urination.

A cause of the disease of the prostate

The cause of prostatitis in men are diverse, the inflammatory process in the tissues, develops in the background:

  • breach of the rules of personal hygiene;
  • sexual contact with a woman who has an infectious disease of character;
  • systematic hypothermia;
  • chronic pyelonephritis or tuberculosis.

The causes of the disease is often associated with the presence in the organism of the person of the infectious agent. A chronic inflammatory process in the absence of a proper treatment and it develops little by little and surprise the nearby tissues.

The cause of prostatitis in young men can become in a state of permanent stress, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, a prolonged period of abstinence, messy sex, intense exercise, etc

Despite the fact that the cause of the prostatitis are of different nature, in the opinion of urologists, there is a group of risk, to include to the people:

  1. The people of age.
  2. With less immunity.
  3. Leads the sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Abuse of alcoholic beverages.

The chronic diseases, the systematic use of alcohol, messy sex, all of this can be the cause of the development of the inflammatory process. But if regular checkups, a visit to a urologist and be tested, it can not be found with this disease ever.

The diagnosis of the disease

The diagnosis of prostatitis goes through several stages, which include:

  • the compilation of the history (the description of the symptoms affecting the patient);
  • the realization of the pelvic ultrasound (prostate, kidneys and ureters);
  • urine analysis (general, clinical, nechiporenko, journal of the portion and bacterial seeding);
  • a sample from the urethra in the ediacarense;
  • the inspection;
  • analysis of blood for the elisa test;
  • urography (carried out if necessary, due to the toxicity of the method and the existence of contraindications).

The main method of diagnosis is to conduct a study to identify and correct the underlying causes of the disease.

Methods for the treatment of prostatitis

the treatment of the

The treatment of prostatitis in men it begins with the outrage of the inflammatory process and the reduction of the intensity of unpleasant symptoms. You can go through several stages to include:

  • antibiotics;
  • conducting physiotherapy procedures;
  • receiving diuretics, vitamins and immune modulators.

How to cure prostatitis in men, and, most important, that should be the doctor. Because here everything depends on the cause of the inflammation and the severity of the symptoms.

Pills for prostatitis can be divided into several groups:

  • the anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • vitamins and stimulants of the immune system.

Antibiotics are prescribed in any case, but to prescribe the patient a similar medicine doctor should be sure of the diagnosis.

The medicines are taken the course in 2-3 weeks. If necessary, increase the duration of the therapy. But if the antibiotics have not had due influence on the organism of the patient, the treatment may be adjusted.

Prostate massage – the method of improving the effectiveness of the treatment. Secure the stagnant phenomena in the prostate and is used as a supplement to the main therapy.

The most effective massage for in a period of exacerbation of the disease. Help to "rid" of the prostate of caught up in it the secret, therefore, eliminated through the urethra pathogenic microorganisms. This helps to enhance the action of antibiotics and reduce the duration of the treatment.

What physical therapy procedures that can be named:

  • laser treatment;
  • it is warming up;
  • ultrasound phonophoresis;
  • diadynamophoresis.

That dangerous prostatitis, if not treated

It is dangerous if the prostatitis to the health of the men and that the main danger of the disease? The thing is that the inflammation that develops quickly, it "seizes" the tissue of the prostate and if the disease is not treated, it can cause:

  1. chronic infertility;
  2. fibrous changes in the tissues;
  3. impotence (with a probability of up to 45%);
  4. the chronic diseases of the kidneys and other nearby organs.

That dangerous prostatitis if not selected for the therapy:

  • In the absence of treatment, the inflammatory process may pass into a chronic form.
  • Lead to the development of the adenoma of the prostate.
  • Erection problems.

At the bottom of the long current inflammation will be the cause of the poisoning, evidence that will only aggravate the welfare of the sick and complicarn the course of the disease.

the prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostatitis at home

The prevention of prostatitis is reduced to simple rules:

  • the compliance of the personal hygiene;
  • the use of antiseptics after unprotected pa;
  • the rationalization of sex life;
  • the correction of the diet (should be included in the diet of the meat is trimmed of proteins).

As well as the prevention of prostatitis in men can include the receipt of certain pharmacological drugs:

  1. vitamins and minerals;
  2. immunostimulyatorov;
  3. diuretics of plant origin.

Preventive methods help prevent the development of the inflammatory process, but do not let your guard down.

To not collide with prostatitis it is worth treating colds and viral diseases.

The inflammation of the prostate is a dangerous disease that can cause serious complications. Therefore, when unpleasant symptoms are worth addressing as soon as possible to a urologist, this will help to avoid serious complications: impotence, infertility.