How to treat prostatitis with folk remedies, effective recipes.

Prostatitis is a disease that affects the prostate gland. Its development is influenced by various types of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, sometimes the disease develops during stagnation of blood in the scrotum and pelvic organs, delayed ejaculation. Depending on the form of the disease and the cause, it is treated, like a medicine, under the supervision of a doctor, and prostatitis is treated with folk remedies; Below are recipes for home treatment.

Symptoms of prostatitis.

The disease occurs most often in middle-aged men. The main drive to develop the disease is a low level of sexual activity. A special risk group is made up of men who have bad habits, a permanent sedentary lifestyle, who love to go to the toilets.

All this provokes stagnation of lymph, begins with disturbances in changes in hormonal balance, blood circulation. As a result, there is a decrease in the body's defenses, and this is fraught with an easy entry of viruses and bacteria into the prostate gland.

If you do not deal with the treatment of prostatitis, it quickly becomes chronic.

The first signs of the disease, which are worth paying attention to:

  • painful sensations in the groin, testicles, and penis
  • the appearance of a few drops of urine when landing on a chair, even if you just urinated
  • pain when emptying
  • the temperature has risen
  • mild erection
  • poor general health

If the disease has become chronic, the man experiences a significant decrease in sexual desire and sexual sensations.

We treat prostatitis at home

Acute and complicated forms of prostatitis are treated exclusively under the supervision of a doctor. Blood and urine tests are prescribed to detect the presence of viruses and microorganisms, as well as uroflowmetry. Treatment is prescribed based on the test results.

It can be a course of treatment with antibiotics or immunostimulants, physical therapy, laser therapy. If the disease becomes severe, the treatment is carried out surgically, that is, an operation is performed.

Treatment of prostatitis at home with folk remedies is carried out only with a mild form of the disease or in case of relapse. There are very effective home remedies to treat prostatitis that will help all men to alleviate the manifestations of unpleasant symptoms.

Honey and herbs for the treatment of prostatitis.

If the disease is chronic in nature, a pumpkin seed drug is used. To do this, grind 500 g of pumpkin seeds with a meat grinder, add 200 g of honey to them and make balls the size of a walnut.

Every day it is necessary to eat a couple of balls before meals, chew well for 3 minutes. This should be done until all the pumpkin balls are used up. As a general rule, there are no relapses throughout the year.

Treating prostatitis with folk remedies perfectly helps to avoid complications.

The most effective recipes can be found both from a doctor and from men who have already tried these or those recipes for themselves. In combination with drug treatment, it is necessary to drink about 500 ml of various juices. Asparagus, cucumber, carrot, and beetroot juices are ideal for this. 1 tablespoon of elderberry juice on an empty stomach for at least a week.

Aspen bark tincture

Aspen bark is often used to treat prostatitis. To prepare this tincture, you need to use aspen bark, which you need to collect before the buds appear on the branches of the tree. This can be done after the first half of April. It is best to harvest 3-5mm bark.

Next, you need to dry the crust well, this can be done in the oven or in a dry, dark place. After the crust dries, you need to grind 100 g of bark and add 200 g of vodka or alcohol so that the crust is completely immersed in the liquid. Then just close the jar tightly and put it in a place without light for a couple of weeks.

Use the tincture up to three times a day, 15 drops, diluted in a quarter glass before meals. If you take the tincture every day, it will last up to 2. 5 months.

Parsley as a treatment

Parsley has a great store of useful and medicinal qualities that help eliminate inflammation and restore the reproductive system. Despite the common use of this plant in the kitchen, its pleasant taste, parsley is one of the most famous medicinal herbs for treatment and preventive measures, as it contains a large amount of essential minerals and vitamins.

100 grams of parsley contain two daily doses of vitamin A, which is very important for eyesight. The content of vitamin C is almost 4 times higher than the content in lemon. Parsley contains a component as irreplaceable for our body as insulin: it is a natural substitute for insulin, it participates in the control of blood glucose levels.

The best source of nutrition for the intestinal microflora. You can make parsley juice and drink it in 1 tablespoon. spoon half an hour before lunch.

Its seeds are very useful. It is necessary to grind 30 g of seeds into powder, fill them with boiled water and boil for no more than 10 minutes. When everything cools down, drink a tablespoon up to 5 times a day.

Homemade honey candles

In the treatment of the disease, special candles are used, which are stored in the refrigerator.

To prepare special candles you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • egg;
  • 3 tablespoons tablespoons of flour.

All ingredients must be mixed into a homogeneous mass, forming candles. 2 courses of treatment are required: in the morning and in the evening, put a candle for a month with a 10-day break.

Using a pear

Everything is simple here. You only need to drink pear compote, but without added sugar. Suitable for treating fresh and dried pears. Pears growing alone in the fields, plantations are best suited. The compote will also help diabetics as it regulates the sugar content.

The use of coniferous baths.

Treat prostate disease at home and by bathing with pine needles. She perfectly copes with the removal of inflammatory processes, helps to relax and relieve pain. A pharmacy tincture is also suitable for such a bath, but you can do it yourself. The temperature should not be high, no more than 37 ° C. You need so much water to dive to the waist, you can use a wide pelvis for this. You should take a coniferous bath no more than 20 minutes shortly before bedtime.