The most effective ways of treatment of the prostatitis remedies

Prostatitis is called the inflammatory process of the prostate gland. Is accompanied by strong sensations of pain, discomfort during intercourse, complete blockage of outflow of the urine or difficulty urinating. Cure the disease on which you are running the stage without consulting with your doctor and diligence that it is very difficult, almost impossible. However, at the beginning of their development to deal with it is very real, and there is no need to drinking powerful drugs. In this case, it is able to help the non-traditional medical.


Preparation for the therapy of prostatitis in the home

Before you start taking the medication, made with their own hands, what you need to know about the nature of the origin of the prostatitis. This pathology is displayed in the background:

  • the activity of pathogens of the intestinal flora on the urinary system (fungi, bacteria, germs);
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • hypothermia body;
  • a life-style inappropriate;
  • the lack of physical activity.

Without avoiding the causes of prostatitis to manage the inflammation of the prostate is not going to work. Therefore, within 2-2,5 weeks, the man must drink the course immunostimulyatorov and complex vitamin-mineral, and only then begin to take the traditional medicine.

In the list of simple, but effective immune modulators, which are sold without a prescription, enter:

  • Immunal;
  • extract of echinacea in the form of a tincture of alcohol;
  • Amiksin;
  • Cell-mediated immunity.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are selected from the personal considerations. Important, pay attention to its composition. Should contain potassium, magnesium, vitamins c, A and D, phosphorus, and iron. Precisely, these substances are useful male body and contribute to the lifting of the inflammatory process.

The treatment of prostatitis in the home with the help of popular methods

The nonconventional medicine offers a lot of options to combat the inflammation of the prostate. Some of them act slowly but give a durable therapeutic effect, while others bring instant relief, however, require a long and permanent reception. To say in advance about the performance of one or other method, without the integrated study and tests do not. Therefore, all practitioners insist on the fact that we have to go first to the hospital to get a diagnosis and then be treated independently.

If the man cannot or does not want to go to a doctor and decided to get rid of prostatitis with its own forces, it is necessary to remember that, in the absence of positive changes in the term of 2 months, it is necessary to stop the therapy and make an appointment with a urologist. If you continue taking medicines that are not yielding result, with a high probability of a common form of the disease comes in an acute or chronic.

Listed below are the best tools, the proposal of the healers of men who suffer from prostatitis. The inspection of the centuries and in most cases represent 100% of the result.


Medical examination

This technique emerged in the ancient times of the sumerians and consists in the application of medicinal plants. In phytotherapy are used as integers from the grass, and separated from your party. They are mainly take out the body with useful substances, strengthen the immune system, and then begin to wrestle with the causes of the inflammation of the prostate, in addition to healthy, the rest of the bodies and through the prevention of disease by cold, infectious diseases and viral diseases.

In the treatment of prostatitis, you can use the plants picked up by hands, or already prepared in the raw material that is acquired at the pharmacy. The efficacy of the drugs does not change, however, the healers advise to choose freshly picked from the herb, because, according to them, that they contain more vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, which is dry, the last production processing.

Good results in the fight against the inflammatory process in the prostate shows these plants:

  • stinging nettle;
  • peony evader;
  • the plantain;
  • lapuh;
  • epilobio angustifolia;
  • the parsley.

To make a medicine you need to take 4 tablespoons of any of the following herbs, pour in enameled pan and pour hot water (about 1 liter). After everything is cooked on a slow fire for half an hour, filtered, and shines in a clean container. In the cooking time, add a couple of tablespoons of honey, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. The sugar is placed in the taste, but it is best to do without it.

The tool accepts for the half a cup 3-4 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach. The average treatment duration is 1,5-2 months. The first to improve the well-being must be visible in the second week of treatment.

Even healers allow to take 1 tablespoons of each herb and mix them. In this collection you can make a decoction or infusion. The book is prepared with the medical use of alcohol, diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 3, or of the food of glycerin (for those of you who are contraindicated medicines with content of ethyl).

The collection of medicinal plants is stack in the bank, there is poured into 0.5 l of liquid, everything is mixed carefully and the lid closed tight. Insist that the medicine is necessary not less than 10 days. It is then strained and are taken from 10 to 20 ml 3 times a day at intervals of 4-5 hours.

Water treatments

This form of therapy is based on the preparation, the treatment of the trays as to the whole body and of the extremities or of the intima of the area. For the procedure that you have to make a strong decoction of wormwood, chamomile, celandine, marigold or lemon balm. In 3 liters of water taken not less than 800 grams from each plant. All of the components relate to between 30 and 40 minutes, then prorezyvatsja and we chill until 40 to 43 degrees.

The cooking pour in the bathtub full of hot water, the man plunges into her by the chest and is in a position of 15-20 minutes After which it is necessary to clean and then go to sleep.

Another option for the treatment of prostatitis are the of france. Before going to bed in the pelvis divorces 1.5 l of broth with a liter of hot water, there is to immerse the feet. Steaming hard to cool the liquid. Hereinafter, the feet put warm socks and not removed until the morning.

You can still spend 3 liters of broth and the same amount of water in the big basin. The man is required to sit in it, so that the liquid covered the genitals. The procedure lasts around half an hour, if the water has cooled before you get in it after not worth.


Baths with decoction of medicinal herbs should be done every two days. As a method of therapy that are not suitable, therefore, the best way to combine it with other means of alternative medicine. Water treatments help to normalize the blood circulation in the body, the lower extremities, to relieve inflammation in the pelvis, and will also help to reinforce the immunity, as part of the useful substances enters the body, even through the skin.

Rectal candles

Suppositories inserted into the anus, it is considered that the best tool in the battle with prostatitis. Begin to act more quickly than oral medications, and give long-lasting.

The popular "old fashioned" methods of preparation of candles:

  • Ingredients – beeswax (for the base), cocoa, powdered pumpkin seeds, the essential oil of sage, clove of garlic. At the beginning it is necessary to melt the wax (70 g). Put it in a dish, which is placed on a pot with water. While it heats up, the wax melts. More, it is necessary to add 1 teaspoons of natural cocoa powder 3 drops of oil of sage, small, coarsely chopped with a knife, chives and 10 g of pumpkin seeds, dried and milled in the coffee grinder. All the components are mixed, are formed oblong of the candle that is placed in the fridge for curing. Ready suppositories inserted into the anus 1 time a day, before bedtime. Be healed, so has that of 1 to 2 months;
  • 150 g natural butter is mixed with honey and a teaspoon of onion juice. The received weight to form the sails of 1-2 cm and sent in the fridge to solidify. Suppositories used every day in the evening. Duration of therapy is 1.5 months. Contact with the immobilization of the sails of the butter it is necessary to gently. They are very fragile and with the introduction rectal can break. To facilitate the process, you can smooth the surface of the sail in cold oil of sunflower;
  • It is necessary to acquire melted lard, celandine extract (without alcohol), the dried stinging nettle and essential oil of orange. 100 g of lard is heated in the metal dish. Do not melt the fat completely, but simply make it soft. In it, add a pinch of stinging nettle, 1/4 teaspoons of extract of celandine, diluted to half with water, and a couple of drops of oil. The mixture is placed in 15 minutes in the refrigerator. When she starts to congeal, it will sculpt the smaller wing. Then spread it over the parchment or the improvement of the film and again sent to cool. Hardened suppositories inserted anally in the morning and before bedtime.

Solutions for douching

Enemas of cooking of medicinal plants is a good alternative to candles, introduced into the anal orifice. Easy to prepare and apply.

Medicinal solutions for douching, when the prostatitis make:

  • aspen or oak-bark;
  • the chamomile;
  • the berries of sea buckthorn;
  • the stinging nettle;
  • the mint;
  • onion layers;
  • Rectal candles
  • the wormwood;
  • the calendula;
  • rosehip oil;
  • of walnut membranes.

These are the ingredients to quickly remove the local inflammatory processes that strengthen the immune system, kill germs and bacteria.

100 g of either raw materials fill in with hot water (350-400 ml), boiled with slow fire for 10 minutes, leave to stand and cool to a comfortable temperature, then filter and are marked by enema (syringe). If you want, you can add in the mortar a little bit of natural honey.

The tip of the enema is inserted into the anus and pour it in the rectum of its contents. Hereafter, the man must be adjusted to compress the sphincter and retain the liquid in the interior of at least a couple of minutes.

Doing the washing is necessary every day, preferably several times a day. The quick result can be obtained by combining the enemas with tubs original, rectal candles and/or take oral medications of prostatitis.


It is a subsidiary organ of the way to fight the inflammation of the prostate. He can't cure the disease, but to accelerate the progress of therapy and to potentiate the action of the medicinal benefits of essential oils is very capable.

For compresses, as in the case of enemas, is necessary to prepare a solution. The best one for this ideal:

  • the mother and stepmother;
  • rosemary;
  • the calendula;
  • milk thistle;
  • the plantain;
  • elecampane root;
  • the greater celandine;
  • eucalyptus (leaves or tincture);
  • horse-tail field.

100 grams of each plant, fresh or dried, boiled in 500 ml of water. The liquid filter in her wet fair (approximately 20 x 10 cm). Tissue slightly wring out and walk over to the crotch, squeezing dense underwear.

The cooking of the oats

Remove the napkin then, when he has cooled down. Procedure you do every day before going to bed. For the bedding is not wet, under burrow under rubber or folded in four times more sheet.

Other home remedies treatment of prostatitis in men

If the above methods relieve inflammation in the prostate have not given result, or the effect of their use is a little steep, you can try the following recipes:

  • Oats (300 grams) filled with 500 ml of water and allow to cook for around half an hour. After the liquid is filtered, mixed with the cinnamon and the crushed garlic (3-4 cloves). The taste of the drugs is very unpleasant, but it helps to loosen the pain syndrome, strengthening the immunity and the little free time of the prostatitis. The mixture prepared is drink a tablespoon 3-4 times a day before each use of the food. The treatment lasts no more than a month;
  • 1 tablespoons of bee bees live loads and dead (the dead bugs) is mixed with a glass of sunflower or olive oil and heated on the stove. The resulting extract of bee is used for compresses applied to the crotch, enters into the composition of the suppositories, along with melted pork fat or propolis;
  • In a glass of boiling water was divorced 2 teaspoon of powder mustard. In the received mix is wet by the fair, you put it in four times and approach between the testicles and anus. Remove the compress is then necessary, when he earlier start to cool down. Treatment of this form of prostatitis is not, however, mustard lotion well throw the blood, allow for the national liberation of the signs of inflammation and sometimes speed up the therapy process;
  • The easiest way, but an effective option to fight against prostatitis – the use of tea, rosehip, lemon, mint and cinnamon. The fruit of the plant is ground in the mill, pour boiling water, put in tea piece of citrus, some mint leaves and seasoning. All you set up a couple of hours and is used in hot 2 to 3 times a day. The drink is prepared for which is always fresh.
Vospalenie prostate

The role of prevention in the treatment of prostatitis

Cure the inflammation of the prostate and not address the interventions – the 100% guarantee that the disease after a time you will return. Therefore, in addition to the reception of medications and immunomoduliruteex of drugs, the man is obliged to take care of your health and make the disease no longer disturbed. For it to be necessary to observe the following rules:

  • It is necessary to protect the body from cold and excessive heat. The strong fluctuations of the ambient temperature adversely affect the state of your body;
  • In the menu you should see the fresh fruit, vegetables, natural juices of the meat and food rich in protein;
  • Activity – deposit of the lack of stagnation of the processes in the pelvic area. Therefore, you need more walking, do all the morning load or run before you go to sleep in the park;
  • Bad habits, such as smoking, drug abuse or alcoholism, are not only able to increase the symptoms of prostatitis, but in general, worsen the welfare of the men. To speed up the progress of the therapy and for always forget serious diseases, it is necessary to renounce them and begin to lead a healthy life style.

It is also necessary to visit the doctor regularly and follow their recommendations. Continued monitoring by a doctor help to identify the pathology is and fight with them.