The prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostatitis in men — the need of today, because of a 30% to 50% of the representatives of the stronger sex one way or another suffer from this disease.

General preventive activities, when this is divided into:

  • primary, the efforts to prevent prostatitis;
  • the side, are designed for those who detect this disease, and who do you want to prevent the transition into the chronic stage.
a man doing exercise on the floor

The primary prevention of prostatitis

Often, prostatitis cause stagnant processes that occur in the prostate gland. She is not good enough it is washed by the blood, by itself and therefore poorly supplied with oxygen. This leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the prostate. Therefore, men who have a large amount of time to be seated, are at risk. For the prevention of prostatitis should perform physical exercises. They stimulate the blood flow, which leads to improve the muscle tone of the gland, the normalization of the activity of secretory.

It is the most simple exercise that can be done to prevent prostatitis is to reduce the muscles of the anus. For a better understanding of what type of muscle it is, should be to urinate at the time of delaying the jet. This will cause the voltage of a certain group of muscles. They must regulate voltage, to increase the flow of blood to the gland.

For a start, you can try to make consecutive 10 cuts. It is only at first glance seems simple. Of what the muscle is not trained, it can cause discomfort. Should be taken by the rule and do on the day of 5 times in the 30 abbreviations, for example, during washing, on the way home or to work. When the exercise will cause discomfort, for an approach to manage up to 100 cuts.

This is just one of the exercises that you must do in order to prevent prostatitis in men. Invited to your doctor kegel. In addition, there are many other exercises that contribute to the flow of blood to this organ.

For example, for the prevention of prostatitis can perform:

  • jumps;
  • squat;
  • large movements of swinging of the feet;
  • "birch";
  • "the bicycle".

The exercise can be complemented rides. And this should be done frequently. The men who do hiking, hardly will suffer from prostatitis. Minimum "distance", which is necessary for the prevention of prostatitis — 4 km per day.

That complement the physical exercise?


The primary prevention of prostatitis in men is and other procedures, for example, contrast shower, directed to the area of the crotch. This procedure increases the blood flow in the gland. It is very simple. In the crotch it directs the flow of water from the shower and periodically changes its temperature of operation: 30 seconds — warm, almost hot, 15 seconds — cool, to room temperature. The procedure should not last more than 5 minutes. Its best to do before you go to sleep.

Prostate massage

It is very useful for the prevention of prostatitis in men will be massage area of the crotch. Do your best lying down. You should feel a small area between the anus and scrotum (closer to anus). Under the scrotum is the os coxae. In the area where it ends, and it is necessary the effort, but not excessive. The massage should be done 4-5 minutes, best in the evening, after a contrast shower before going to bed. These procedures give a good blood flow to the prostate. And if it is done constantly of prostatitis can be avoided.

The constant sex life

An important role for the health of the men, and therefore, for the prevention of prostatitis, have sex. The frequency, as well as the nature of the sexual life influencing on the state of the prostate directly. But in the end you enter not worth the trouble: erratic sexual relations constitute an additional source of infection. Negatively on the health of the prostate is reflected and a prolonged period of abstinence, deliberately delay or disruption of an act. Therefore, the ideal option for the prevention of prostatitis in men is measured by the regular sex, and with a permanent mate.

Proper nutrition

Reduces the probability of the disease of prostatitis and healthy eating. If you avoid excessive calories and spicy food, to diversify the diet, then the disease will be no more "gaps" to penetrate into the body. In the menu of each one of the men should be present in vegetables, fruits, pumpkin seeds, fish, garlic, nuts. The consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer in particular) must be reduced to a minimum. Not recommended for excessive coffee. Among other things, should avoid the hypothermia of the body. Men are not worth bathing in cold water or sit in the cold of coverage.

Secondary prevention of prostatitis

But if the disease still could not avoid, then, after recovery, one must reflect on the secondary prevention of prostatitis. Include the following activities:

  1. The reception of medications.
  2. Regular visits to the doctor-urologist, regardless of whether they are present the clinical symptoms of the disease or not;
  3. Routine detection of 1 time every 3 months (which is recommended in the first year after it conducted a comprehensive treatment). In the next 3 years to visit to a urologist should be 1 time every six months;
  4. After 40 years, man is obliged to do the ultrasound of the prostate.

The prevention of the chronic prostatitis any of medicines, is only assigned a doctor. Its reception it is necessary to do the ordinary. For the prevention of prostatitis are allocated to medications that affect the metabolism of the prostate gland, and proofreaders urodinamiki. When inflammatory etiology of the disease was assigned to the anti-inflammatory drugs, the action that selectively targets to improve the condition is the prostate. Receipt of antiviral medications warns prostatitis infectious nature. If there are in the history of the disease of bacterial prostatitis the nature of the patient, displayed antimicrobial. For the prevention of prostatitis are appointed and Badi. Stimulate the flow of blood to the prostate gland, preventing inflammation.

Special of the string is necessary to distinguish the prostate massage. It is not only a treatment method but also a method of prevention of prostatitis. In its essence, massage is the mechanical strain, is very similar to that of the palpation of the prostate in the diagnosis. During the massage occurs irritation of nerve endings and the extension of the vessels. This leads to improve the circulation of the authority, the more intense influx of nutrients and oxygen. The end result will be the acceleration of processes of restoration. Massage course involves 8 to 10 of the procedures. Are held throughout the day. As a general rule, after the 5 session, we have observed positive results. New course, spend approximately 3 weeks after the completion of the first. It is necessary to fix the result.

And another important point: prostatitis is one of the most insidious and most common diseases in men, and the greatest, and the average age of the category. Therefore, the prevention activities of prevention of the disease, it is not necessary to postpone for later. In particular, this refers to those men who lead the sedentary life style are affected by stress and hypothermia.