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Men of different ages are faced with prostatitis – serious and prevalent disease, much worsening of the quality of life. The causes of its emergence and of the great multitude is and the stress and poor diet, and a variety of infections. The tool of prostatitis is selected by the experience, after consulting with the doctor. Effective drugs invented a great number of them are available in the form of capsules, tablets, the candles, the injection of the solutions.

As can be seen prostatitis

Prostatitis is a purely male disease that affects the prostate gland. The last is located near the beginning of the urethra, below the bladder, in the standard has a diameter of up to three centimeters. Produces a special secret, at the expense of the vitality of the sperm. When an organ is inflamed, it will cause problems with urination (pain, aches, burning feeling), the ejaculation, the weakening of the orgasm, the total of the reductions of the vitality. The greater the person, the more likely the occurrence of the disease. All prostatitis sick from the 9 to the 16% of adult men.

Distinguish four main categories of this disease:

  • acute;
  • chronic bacterial;
  • the chronic syndrome of pelvic pain (signs of inflammation or without them);
  • asymptomatic;
  • chronic granulomatous.

In parallel with the prostatitis, the doctors often observed in the patient urethritis, the older people find the benign prostatic hyperplasia. The disease can cause severe, impotence, sterility. Take care of self-treatment should not, since "running" cases lead to serious consequences for the entire body. Professional care that you receive at the health center of district, it will be low-cost and effective, if the disease is just released.

The sooner you start treatment, the greater the chances of a full recovery of all functions being raped. If you suspect the disease, should be addressed as soon as possible to a specialist.

Signs, symptoms, causes of the occurrence of

The causes of the development of prostatitis are many, but the doctors divided into two conditional group:

Signs, symptoms, causes of the occurrence of prostatitis
  • non-infectious is "stopped" option, which arises due to physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle), common or seasonal reduction of the immunity. The abuse of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, some strong medications can also be the cause of the disease. Much of the sexual abstinence, especially in adulthood, such as excessively active sex life sometimes becomes a "trigger" for the disease;
  • the infection – arise because of sexually transmitted infections (stis). In the tissue of the prostate, across different germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, causing an inflammatory process. The main focus of the infection may be present in other places. In tonsillitis, sinusitis, complicated cavities, kidney infections, inflammations after operations of organs in the peritoneum and the pelvis is also often occurs the disease.

The main symptoms are different by the force of the pain in the groin area, urethra, suprapubic area, scrotum, penis, lower back. At the same time there is a burning sensation, discomfort when urinating, delay ejaculation. Causes of the development can be abdominal trauma, damage of the nerve endings in the pelvic area, sex organs, the violation of the circulation of the blood, lymph flow, problems with the hormones (lack of androgens), as well as the severe forms of the deficiency diseases, stressful situations. Of infectious agents, the patient more often is revealed and. coli, enterococci, protey, Klebsiella, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Supposedly, the cause of the prostatitis are capable of becoming, chlamydia, streptococcus, mikoplazmi, staph. In very rare cases – the wand of koch, pale Treponema etc

When the treatment of prostatitis are very different medicines, both for price, as for the convenience of the reception, duration of the therapeutic course. The medical profession is recommended to use the "proven" medicine, and are not widely known and new, supposedly effective, but, in fact, useless. Ratings of the means of diseases of the prostate are often published sites.

Pills for prostatitis

The pill of prostatitis are:

  • Anti – inflammatory focus in the removing the inflammation and pain of the prostate;
  • Antibiotics are effective when bacterial origin of the disease; they are only used by a doctor after the execution of analysis in the definition of the excitation of the infection;
  • Medicines to improve blood circulation – often the cause of the inflammation becomes a stagnation in the pelvic area, and these tools will help establish blood flow; in addition to that provided income to the area of the infection with antibiotics and other medications;
  • Antispasmodics, – resolves the spasm of the smooth muscles, to develop the need to urinate;
  • Hormonal cause the blockade of the synthesis of testosterone, since the hormone induces the proliferation of the tissues;
  • The vitamins strengthen the immune system and normalize the patient's well being in general.

To find the right remedy, it is necessary to make a diagnosis, establish the cause of the pathology, your way.